Carpet Cleaning Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

Will my carpets stay cleaner longer after it is cleaned?

Unlike some other carpet cleaning methods which can actually leave behind soil attracting residues; the
Ameraclean Carpet cleaning method will make your carpets look, smell, and feel better longer than factory fresh

Ameraclean method of cleaning carpet will actually extend the life of your carpet and contribute to a cleaner and
healthier indoor environment for your family.

With Ameraclean Carpet Cleaning:

No Harsh Chemicals
No Abrasive Brushes
Complete Deep-Down Cleaning
Leaves Zero Residue
Recommended by Leading Fiber Producers and Carpet mills.
Carpet Cleaning

Say Goodbye To Dingy, Dirty Carpets & Restore Your Carpet With Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services…100%
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Don’t be fooled by deceptive Denver carpet cleaning companies promising to clean your entire house for $99 Wow !
What a deaL is it realy . Here is the truth about those inferior low quality Cleaners, it is impossible for ANY
company to clean an entire house for $99 and stay in business its impossible ! That’s why most companies make
these promises and then THEY HARD SELL you more services when they come to your house! YUCK!

Look, If You Want Your Carpets Cleaned CORRECTLY, Without Games & At A Fair Price, You’ll Want To Choose
Ameraclean Carpet Cleaning!

With over 20 years experience, we know the importance of doing quality work & treating our customers with the
respect they deserve. That’s why we work harder to help you SAVE THE MOST MONEY while providing you with a deep
clean that will restore your carpet to it’s original beauty!We are master certified to restore carpets & over the
past 20 years, we’ve learned to pay attention to the details that count!

Pre-Vacuum:   Extra Charge 

We vacuum all rooms prior to beginning the carpet cleaning process. We also take the time to move your furniture
to make sure all of the room is vaccumed completely. This step removes loose dirt to prevent mud forming during
the cleaning process.


We pre-spray traffic lane cleaner on all open areas to loosen up dirt and oil from the carpet. This helps remove
tough stains in high traffic areas of the room.

Steam Clean and Rinse:

Ameraclean Carpet Cleaning uses a truck mounted cleaner that emits 212 degree water at 400 lbs of pressure.
After cleaning and rinsing, we re-evaluate the rooms to assure the carpet is indeed clean. If there are areas
that are not yet clean, we repeat the process with a stronger spray, cleaning, and rinsing until the carpet is

Rake Carpet:

The final step is to brush the carpet to remove the cleaning tracks leaving the room with a clean, uniform, new-
look. This step is important, because once the carpet dries it becomes difficult to remove the tracks much like
when you wash your hair before going to bed and wake up to a new ecclectic hair do. The only way to fix your hair
at that point is to get it wet again which is exactly how it works with your carpets.

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