Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning

Are you one of 70 million Americans Who suffer from allergies?

AmeraClean can help! We now treat allergies with ResponseCare, an entire line of anti-allergen products from Master Blend.

hypo-allergenic cleaningWhat you may not know is that dust mite and pet allergen found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic disease . And people with relatively mild allergies can develop serious chronic and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to the these allergens.

Feel Relief by Reducing Pet and Dust Mite Allergen Levels by 90% or More.
There is now a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the ResponseCare System that allows Clean Touch to safely, easily and affordably reduce the levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more!
Cleaning Alone is Not Enough
No matter how spotless your home, it is impossible to eliminate or clean away dust mites. And most people can’t bear to part with a beloved family pet even though it is the number one recommendation of doctors. The secret of the ResponseCare System is the use of specialized cleaning agents followed by the application of Allergy Relief Treatment on carpets, mattresses, upholstery, rugs and bedding.

How Allergy Relief Treatment Works
Allergy Relief Treatment changes the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body, which prevents them from causing an allergic reaction!

Obtain Immediate Symptom Relief
When a bedroom has been completely cleaned and treated using the ResponseCare Anti-Allergen System, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night! Imagine getting a good night’s sleep-tonight!

Enjoy Significantly Reduced Allergen Levels From Now On
When properly applied, Allergy Relief Treatment provides a residual effect for up to six months. In severe cases, treatment may be required every three months.