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Nasty Pet Stainafter pet stains

The below photos showcase a classic carpet cleaner’s .a pet stain on white carpet! OK, so this carpet is really more cream-colored, but any way you slice it, that’s a nasty-looking Pet match to our 4 step pet treatment. job well done


Carpet Cleaning Before and after

In addition to carpet cleaning and restoration services, Ameraclean also offers hard surfaces cleaning, green cleaning, pet odor removal and much more.

The below photo displays a quintessential carpet cleaning emergency–red wine on light carpet. Mo writes:

clean carpet denver after beforeI had a customer call on Saturday night. They had had a full bottle of very good wine break and spill all over their white carpet. I could tell they were stressed out big time.

I told them not to worry–that I would take care of it on Monday morning. We got there in the morning and went to work. BTW, the house was going on the market in five days. The spot was dry at this point.
Can Moes team save this carpet, or will the home-owners have to delay putting their house on the market?

so I went at it with Stain Magic and my steam iron. This took care of it. In total, we spent one and a half hours getting this spot out. It took a lot of patience, but the client was thrilled and gave us a big tip. We even made Angie’s List.

Awesome work. Carpet Cleaning Denver